Frequently Asked Questions – Page 2

Do they come in a gift box?

To keep your shipping costs low, the chain is sealed in a zip lock plastic bag and shipped in a padded mailing envelope along with the instruction guide and packing slip.

This allows you to pick out the right gift box for the particular recipient locally. Some like fancy, some like plain, and some will just like the bag.

You’ll know which best fits your recipient.

Bulk orders will package the individually bagged chains in sets of five or so inside a USPS Priority Mail box. The instruction guides will be bagged together in a group to keep them flat and in good condition.

Why is shipping included in the $15 price?

It works out perfectly that way. Each chain is $12, plus $3 for packaging and shipping by first class mail in the US. Orders of multiple chains are shipped via the more expensive USPS Priority Mail, which is still covered by the $15 unit price.

Before ordering more than six sets, please inquire for more a accurate shipping quote.

Can I make my own?

For those who would like to make their own sets, in any size or quantity, the eBook available here soon describes all the steps clearly and provides sources for different kinds of rings.

Those with an entrepreneurial bent can even learn how to make money with them in your own local area. See Making Money with the Rings of Wonder.

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