The Rings of Wonder

The tumbling rings illusion has been mystifying people for centuries. It goes by many names: the magic chain, tumble rings, and, here, the Rings of Wonder. It is very occasionally found at random magic shops.

It’s a strangely interlinked chain, made of pairs of rings, and is symmetrical with a single ring at each end.

To make it work, the chain is held by the top ring and one of links directly below it.

The top ring is dropped and the strangeness begins.

Immediately, the bottom ring of the chain disappears while the top ring cascades down the chain, dropping through all the links, to become the new bottom ring.

It happens so quickly that most people repeat it a dozen or more times, trying to figure out exactly what’s happening.

But the falling ring is all an illusion. The top ring only falls and twists around to the bottom of the set that’s being held. But, as it does, it triggers the same movements, in sequence, with each pair below. It’s a compelling action that is almost hypnotic in nature.

Using the menu above, you can read more About it. For something so unusual, there is surprisingly little to be found. Here, you’ll find an overview of what’s been recorded about the magic chain.

If you’re interested in Buying One that’s ready-made, you can order one or several right here. Each set comes with a small guide describing how to hold it properly to make it work. Without that knowledge, others will only do it by accident, allowing you much opportunity to tease them about it.

Some folks are hands-on and prefer to own instructions on Making One. The instant-download eBook, soon to be available here, provides complete directions to make as many as you’d like. Most sources say to duplicate the linkage, ring by ring, from an existing one. A tedious procedure, for sure, and prone to error.

But the method described in the eBook allows you to make one in a matter of  minutes and grow it to whatever length you’d like.

And there are those who are always looking for an opportunity, a home business in the true sense of the word. The second eBook offered here explains three ways of Making Money with the Tumbling Rings Illusion in your own local area.

If you’ve been searching for a unique gift, something suitable for older kids and teen birthdays, you have found that and more.

This magical chain makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the unusual.

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