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The Rings of Wonder

The tumbling rings illusion is a very cool gift for friends and family or for yourself (you do treat yourself to special things once in a while, don’t you?)

The chain consists of thirty, nickel-plated key rings connected in their own curious way. Each steel ring is about an inch and a quarter in diameter and the entire length is about 17 inches long.

Each Rings of Wonder set comes with an instruction booklet that shows the special way to hold the chain to make it work. Those not in the know will only have random success in making it tumble.

It’s an unexpected kind of gift that’s perfect for older kids and teens as well as adults who like interesting things.

It’s also a good solution to the office gift problem. After the initial surprise at how it works, everyone will want to play with it.

If you know someone who likes unusual things, this will make them smile.

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Each Rings of Wonder set is just $12, plus $6 shipping/packaging anywhere in the US.

$18 total per single chain. In stock now and ready to ship!

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