Frequently Asked Questions – Page 1
Things you might be wondering about.

Is this a piece of delicate fine jewelry?

Not at all. The chain is made from gleaming nickel-plated steel key rings for lasting durability. It is almost indestructible and should last a lifetime, as long as you don’t take it apart. Then you’d need the ebook.

Is it suitable for children?

Once they learn the secret to making it work, children 4 or 5 years old and up enjoy playing with it because they like being the ones who make the magic happen in their own hands.

As always, though, you should remind young children not to put things like this in their mouth or swing the chain around as it might hurt someone or break something.

While it’s always smart to keep an eye on younger ones, the movement of the tumbling rings usually keeps them riveted.

If they like to take things apart, though, give them some Legos® instead.

Is it just a child’s toy?

In no way. This is for everyone with a curious mind. Adults and teens alike find the effect puzzling and mesmerizing. It’s very amusing to watch them try to analyze exactly how it works.

The most often heard comment, by far, is that it looks cool!

It’s really for anyone who likes unusual things. It’s an excellent gift for those teens and young adults who are always so hard to buy for.

Will this provide, “Hours of fun and entertainment?”

The Rings of Wonder have more of an ongoing fascination. Most people put the chain where they can pick it up often, tumble the links for a moment or two, and then put it back for later.

You can find decorative hooks at any hardware or home improvement store. Whether using a simple nail or a beautiful ornate hook, you can place your chain where curious visitors will ask about it.

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